SERVO SET750W(Flange size 80mm.)

รหัสสินค้า : WECON SERVO750W-80M-3M


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1.Servo Drive+2.motor750w+3.Cable Encoder/ Power motor 3เมตร (Flange size motor 80mm) Motor servo ไม่ติดBrake

Features of Servo Drive 

◇ Using dual core DSP + FPGA processing, the response speed is increased by 4 times;

◇ 23 bit absolute value, incremental encoder interface (optional);

◇ Motor coating protection to prevent corrosion damage;

◇ Automatic parameter self-tuning;

◇ Virtual DI/DO, four channel real-time oscilloscope;

◇ Internal multi segment speed command;

◇ Instantaneous load rate and average load rate monitoring;

◇ Fault record panel playback;

◇ Holding brake output control;

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